Computer Science 1

Welcome! This is the homepage for GITA 1. In GITA 1
we learn C#. C# is a modern programming language where
we learn how to make Window applications. This is my first
year of programming. My goal is to learn coding during high
school as much as possible to expand my knowledge on it and hopefully
major in CS when I go to a 4 year college/university.
To download the projects, click on the picture of the project
you want to play then download it. Lastly, open up the exe file then it should run.

Goodbye Program


In this project we learned how to code buttons and output them into labels. We chose multiple languages and made buttons for each language then ouput them into labels showing language according to the button pressed.

Help Page


In this project we made buttons that display our logo, trademark, and company background. We learned how to implement font and color button for our text.

Mailing Label


In this project we learned how to concatenate words together. We combined texts from different text boxes and concatenated them into appropriate order.

Car Rental


This was our first big project. In this project we combined all the things we learned so far and added some mathematics to it. We calculated how much a customer had to pay for their rental car.



In this project, we made a program where it calculated someone's BMI by taking information from text boxes.

CarRental Upgrade


In this project, we took our CarRental project from before and upgraded it to a better version. We made 3 different choices of cars and which each car charges customers at a different rate.

Test Score


In this project, we made a program where it calculates the letter grade of 2 test scores and which test score is higher and the average test score.

Dice Game


In this project, we made a program where a dice randomly rolls and it shows the sum of two dices as well as the number of times rolled and the probability for each sum.

Craps Game


In this project, we programmed our version of the craps game from Vegas.

Slot Machine


In this project, we programmed our own version of slot machine where the user can spin, bet their amount, and possibly hit jackpots.

Rock Paper Scissors


In this project, we programmed rock paper scissors game where two players can choose either rock, paper, or scissors and win or lose depending on their selections.



In this project, we learned to program an array of picture boxes moving either up or down.

Submarine 2D


In this project, we basically did the same thing for Submarine program but we made it in a 2D array so the sub can now move up, down, right, and left.



In this project, we learned how to use menu strip and combo boxes. We chose a college football bowl and made an informative program about those two colleges and about the match.

Tic Tac Toe


In this project, we programmed a 2 player tic tac toe game making a 3 by 3 tic tac toe board using picture boxes.

Basic AI


In this project, we programmed our first AI where the AI will track you down and try to kill you. We also learned how to use hotkeys to manually move our own character.



In this project, we programmed to calculate the number of sum, even, odd, factorial, and fibonacci sequence depending on the input.

Star Field


As it shows in the title, we basically programmed a star field that moves diagonally in all 4 directions.

Fish Aquarium


In this project, we programmed 20 fish randomly moving in the fish tank and a shark which eats the fish and a boat who catches the fish with a hook.

Integer Array


In this project, programmed random 5000 generated numbers ranging from 1-5000 and it tracks down the highest, lowest, and the average of all the 5000 numbers.

AI Upgrade


This project is an upgraded version of our previous project, AI Game. In this program there are now more AI's spawning and spawns at random places.

Bee Hive


In this program, there are bees spawning on the form and they will fly to the flower to collect pollen. Once the pollen is collected they fly back to their hive.

Final Project


In this program, I coded a tower defense game where a waves of enemies spawn in trying to attack your base while you try to defend your base by placing towers and killing the enemies.