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Hi! I'm Chan.

Welcome to my
GITA website!


Hi my name is Chan Hwang and I am currently a junior at Brea Olinda High School.
Last year I learned basic HTML, CSS and Javascript coding, creating our own websites.
This year we're diving deeper into Javascript and learning how to animate games
in a platform we use called P5.js. My future education goals is to get into a
good computer science or computer engineering school. My future career goal is to
become a software developer or software engineer and make BANK :) Current APs
that I'm taking are Calc AB, APUSH, Lang, and Physics 1. GITA is a 4 year computer
science pathway at our school where students gain valuable information in coding.
The clubs I'm currently part of are Robotics, Red Cross, Hack Club, and Finance Club.
The community service I'm involved in is mainly tied with things I do at the Red Cross.

About Me

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In GITA 1, we used Visual Studios to program games using C#.


In GITA 2, we used HTML and CSS to create website and a bit of Javascript for animating games within a website.


In GITA 3, we delve deeper into Javascript, coding animated games in a platform called P5.js.


Coming soon!

Brea Olinda High School
789 Wildcat Way
Brea CA, 92821